Bernadine Gan (b. 1997) is a Filipino Contemporary Artist and Designer who continues to push the boundaries of creativity. Her commitment to capturing the essence of the natural world, her wanderlust-driven exploration of global aesthetics, and her gift for storytelling through art all converge to define her as a remarkable creative force. Bernadine Gan invites you to experience the world through her eyes, where contemporary elegance meets the timeless allure of nature.


Bernadine's signature style brings attention to the medium, attuning our senses and awakening our minds to connect with the pieces. At the heart of Bernadine's creative endeavors lies a profound passion for visual storytelling. Her art transcends mere aesthetics, offering viewers a gateway to immersive narratives and emotions. Each piece invites the audience to forge a stronger connection with the stories it tells, creating a dialogue between the artwork and the observer.

Bernadine's art is a captivating blend of sculptural paintings and mixed media. Her pieces are renowned for their ability to command attention through intricate textured layers, complemented by the subtle shimmer of silver and gold leaf. It is in the rocky formations and the natural wonders of the Philippines that she finds her muse, infusing her creations with a deep connection to the world's raw and untamed beauty.

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Collective Exhibitions | Fairs


Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc.(BAFI) BGC Art Mart. Manila, Philippines


Filipino Art PH. Manila, Philippines


Nature's Color Palette

Boba Girl, Digital Art Café.  Manila, Philippines

Selected Collaborations/ Projects


Careless Music Manila x James Reid. Manila, Philippines


PJ Almera x Gary Valenciano MV Production. Manila, Philippines


Niwa Bar and Restaurant

Makati City, Philippines.

Online Publications/ Interviews/ Print


China Town Museum. Manila, Philippines


Metro.style : Equal Parts Careless And Notorious: James Reid Gives The Annex House A Facelift